President's Welcome

On behalf of the sisters of Nu Sigma Chi, I would like to welcome you to our sorority's website!  

Our chapter is the only Nu Sigma Chi sorority chapter in the United States!  Founded in 1928 at the State University of New York at Cortland, we are the only local Greek organization that remains active on our campus, along side many other national Greek organizations.

After a brief hiatus we have returned to campus with eight fabulous ladies that are ready to help the chapter flourish through our motto "Victory through loveliness!"

Our local sorority background lets us focus on the help that we wish to provide to the Cortland community through our service projects.  We also find ways each semester to provide a service to our philanthropy The American Cancer Society.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our sisterhood.  We are excited about the work we are doing and are especially pleased to share our efforts with you!

Ursula Mates '18


Nu Sigma Chi Sorority

Our Philosophy

 Victory Through Loveliness 

The central thought of our sorority is that noone lives for herself alone.  We can grow in happiness only as we grow in usefulness to others.  Ours is the gospel of service, service not alone to our Sisters, to whom we are bound by most solemn ties, but to any who may justly become recipients of our assistance.

Every woman, regardless of station, has three obligations--to her God, to her neighbor and to herself. To your God you owe reverence; to your neighbor your practice of the Golden Rule will bring happiness that you will not forget; to yourself your duty is to avoid indulgence and to practice the graces that make for beauty of spirit and loveliness of character. 

Our Reflections
“I am what I am today because of Cortland and Nu Sigma Chi. It’s because of the values I learned at the College and the opportunity to get a good job after college.”
                             — Lynne Parks Hoffman ’68
“NEX changed my life! I was ready to leave Cortland & then I met the most amazing group of people EVER. They loved me for me & encouraged me to be exactly who I am. I love these girls with all my heart & years after graduation we are still supporting one another through everything--relationships, births, losses, & all the changes life brings.
Learn about our history & you'll see why Nu Sigma Chi is the ONLY choice for Greek life at C-State.”
                                  — Melanie Moon ’00
“Still friends with sisters after 25 years, very special!”
                                — Dawn Denike Hirsch ’92
“I met some amazing girls and I am still having great times with my sisters from Nu Sig!”
                    — Carolann Fisher Florkowski ’88
“This sorority shaped my college years. I had some of the best times of my life (and made some of the best friends of my life) at the Nu Sig house.”
                                             — Nicole Brady ’06
“Being from a small high school going to Cortland in 1958 was the proverbial "big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond." Becoming a Nu Sigma Chi sister made that pond much smaller and more manageable with the bonds formed with sisterhood. It offered a true sense of belonging. Mother Bentley and the older sisters taught us life lessons that the academic side of college could not. I will be forever thankful for the Nu Sigma Chi sisterhood.”
                   — Marilyn Scholefield Villante '62
“I can confidently say that I would have become a very different person without Nu Sigma Chi. I went into college not even thinking about Greek life. But then my best friend joined and invited me to a Cortaca party and my life took a turn for the better. I came out of college with amazing memories and some of the truest friends I've ever had”
                                         — Beth Newman  '13
“Nu Sigma Chi is a sisterhood that will dramatically impact your life in many beautiful ways. One could argue that being in a local sorority has a disadvantage because you don't have the national backing or multiple chapters throughout the county. However, I believe that is what makes our bond so much stronger. The Sisters of Nu Sigma Chi have worked hard to survive and keep the legacy alive for almost 90 years. We live and are the very essence of victory through loveliness. Early on in my days as a Sister I was diagnosed with cancer and had to take time off from school. Nu Sig was the only reason I returned to Cortland instead of finishing my education in the safety of my family home. Returning to Cortland was very hard but I moved into the Sorority house and had the love and encouragement of my Sisters to keep me strong.”
                         — Laura Martone Thomas  '92
“My sisters have been my bridesmaids, at my mom's funeral and act as the godmother to my son. Sisterhood doesn't end with graduation, it is for life.”
                                            — Emily Hansen ’08
“From the outside looking in, you could never understand it. From the inside looking out, you could never explain it.”
                                        — Jessica McIntyre ’04
Our History

Through the efforts of Dr. Degroat, the Alpha Chapter of Nu Sigma Chi was organized on November 11, 1928. It began with thirty-two charter members, with Miss Alice Oliver and Miss Minnie Pearl Carr as faculty advisors. From the first, plans were made for the erection of a chapter house. In September 1929, the club members moved into their new three story building. Our house was the only sorority house built expressly for the purpose of being a sorority house in New York State history.

In 1943, the sorority had the good fortune to have as its housemother and head resident, Mrs. Harriet Bentley. “Mother B” remained housemother until 1965 when she retired. Unfortunately, in the spring of 1981, Mother B passed away.

On Saturday, November 12, 1949, Nu Sigma Chi deservedly celebrated a milestone in its history. This was the occasion of the burning of the mortgage! One hundred and fifty guests and sisters representing the past twenty years enjoyed a celebration dinner and the burning ceremony.

2003 marked the 75th Anniversary of the Alpha Chapter of Nu Sigma Chi. During the weekend of October 11-13, 2003, the sisters and special guests of Nu Sigma Chi celebrated this incredible milestone with a celebratory gala.

In July of 2008, Nu Sigma Chi celebrated its largest and most important milestone, our 80th Anniversary. Active sisters, alumnae from all over the country, and special guests enjoyed a morning of house tours, swapping stories and taking a walk down memory lane. In the evening, a special gathering at the Alumni House took place where sisters of all ages sang songs, ate dinner, and were honored during the ceremony. 

In July of 2017 our annual Alumnae Tea will be reinstated after a two year hiatus.  It will be held at the Park's Alumnae House, named for one of our beloved sisters, Lynne Parks Hoffman '68.


2018 will mark our 90th anniversary and Nu Sigma Chi will be the spotlight sorority at the 2018 SUNY Cortland Alumni Renunion. This is a special reunion as it will also mark the college's Sesquicentennial (150yr) Anniversary as well.

November 11, 1928 -site of future NEX House

Catherine Barney, Edna Blood, Lillian Darling, Eileen Dwyer, Geraldine Dwyer, Lois Elder, Mary Ernenwein, Helen Harris, Cecelia Hardigan, Stella Holmes, Florence Kane, Marie Kefley, Barbara Kessler, Clara Koelbel, Mildred Cadek, Helen Hayes, Marie Fitzgerald, Gwen Owens, Esther Lamson, Mary Long, Anita McChrien, Agnes Makarowsky, Alice White, Katherine McDonald, Dorothy Meyora, Dorothy Nixon, Beatrice Perkins, Laura Phillips, Catherine McGough, Mary Ronney, Marjorie Reamore, Marion Smith, Frances Spencer, Helen Trevett, Catherine Collins, Alice McDevitt, Geneva Smith, Katherine Turney, Caroline Baldwin, Helen Brodhead, Marion Coughey, Monica Czurles, Shirley Gressel, Hazel Harper, Adelaide Ott, Frances Redding, Charlotte Stafford, Catherine Stafford, Loretta Burns and Dr. DeGroat.

Scholarship & Charity
Harriet "Mother B" Bentley Scholarship 
Established in 1984, by the sisters of the Nu Sigma Chi Sorority, in honor of their longtime house mother, Harriet Bentley. 
Each year this award is presented to a matriculated Junior in good academic standing.  First priority amongst applicants is given to members of Nu Sigma Chi or their family members.
To make a donation:  Cortland Foundation
(be sure to select the radio button for "Choose my designation" and write in Harriet Bentley Scholarship Fund)  
or you may send a check to Cortland College Foundation P.O. Box 2000 Cortland, NY 13045 in Memo write in: Harriet Bentley Scholarship
Nu Sigma Chi Legacy Fund
The Nu Sigma Chi Legacy Fund is a fund created by the
Nu Sigma Chi Class of '68 for sponsoring events on campus and during Alumni weekend. Proceeds go directly to the college.
To make a donation:  Cortland Foundation
(be sure to select the radio button for "Choose my designation" and write in Nu Sigma Chi Legacy Fund)
or you may send a check to Cortland College Foundation P.O. Box 2000 Cortland, NY 13045 in Memo write in: Nu Sigma Chi Legacy Fund

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